Happy Festiversary!

Last year on the 26th September we had our utterly incredible dementia friendly music festival at the Bridgewater Hall – the first of its kind in Manchester – bringing together many organisations, musicians and groups of people who had either engaged in the So Many Beauties project or simply wanted a fun musical day out. We had over 450 people across the day with different activities and performances on offer – all scheduled to be dementia friendly and stewarded by students from the RNCM and Bridgewater Hall staff.

You can relive some of the highlights in the short film we made below …enjoy!

A small smorgasbord of audience feedback

Why isn’t every musical event like this? Being free to participate in any way you like. The energy in the room was amazing!

We have had an amazing time. My mum cannot speak (garbled speech) but can sing clearly. She has blossomed as the day has gone on as she feels part of what is happening around her.

Everyone so surprisingly friendly, kind and helpful. Performances absolutely lovely. Had a tear in my eye more than once (nearly spoilt my usual macho image!)

What a joyous afternoon! Thanks to all involved. I (as a carer) had a great time as did the couple I was supporting.


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