So many Beauties – poetry and creativity

Here’s one of the poems written with people with dementia which will feature in the So Many Beauties Performance. It will be performed by Manchester Children’s Choir who are one of several groups taking part in the event. Singers from age 10 to over 70 are involved in the concert which is a celebration of the creativity of people with dementia.


Spring tastes like water,

Spring water is cold, cold and bubbly –

definitely bubbly.

Spring feels new and Spring feels blue,

Spring looks like daffodils, bulbs, tulips,

It looks green and young, smells like crocuses.

Spring feels like waiting for what’s coming –

To be alive like me, to be happy, yes happy and awake!

Spring sounds chirpy,

Lambs gambolling,

With all that Spring in the air!

Here’s the setting of this poem to music which the children will be singing


2 thoughts on “So many Beauties – poetry and creativity

  1. Hi do you come out and do sessions at residential homes we have nursing and residential and dementia units . I would love to find out more .
    My mobile number is 07906000016
    Kind regards Lesley Moore.


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