Meet Jisun! @RNCM #musicanddementia


Four students from the Royal Northern College of Music came to work alongside me on the Adages project. I’m introducing them in the run up to the So Many Beauties performance so here is Jisun. Jisun has an incredibly beautiful quality of sound on her violin and creates soaring melodies as well as delicate ebbs and flows that uplift the listener! She and Ellis, our postgraduate violinist, complemented each other so well – weaving improvised melodies and textures together, echoing what the participants with dementia were playing or singing. Jisun was very sweet with the participants and is a great improviser who works well in a group.

Here’s what she has to tell us;

I’m currently a third year student studying violin with Yossi Zivoni at the Royal Northern College of Music. Originally Born in Seoul, South Korea, I moved to England with my family since age of 13 and lived in Birmingham since then before coming to Manchester for university. A passionate and orchestra music lover, I play and very much enjoy working in group ensembles and orchestras, and have been a member of many orchestras such as the RNCM Symphony, Chamber Orchestras, Manchester University Music Society Symphony, Chamber Orchestras, City of Birmingham Symphony Youth Orchestra, Orfeo International Music festival Symphony Orchestra, Young Musician’s Symphony Orchestra London and etc. I’m currently the leader of Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra 2016-2017.

Outside school work and many ensemble playing, I’m also a keen musician who very much believes and hopes my music can be used at many outreach places and voluntary occasions to play and share my music with those who are in need and deliver them hope, love and joy through the power of music- This is the reason why having been given the opportunity to meet and work along side with our Genius Kora player Holly has been such a privilege. What Holly does for people at the NHS hospitals, care homes and for the elderly people in Dementia in special, watching and playing along side with Holly truly has been a privilege experience and life changing experience to having been able to see small miracles and happy smiles she can bring to these people in need.

In the future I hope to become a secondary/primary music teacher and my long term goal is to become an orchestra player. I’m very fortunate to be able to participate and play at this wonderful So Many Beauties concert and to play all the music written and composed and premiered by Holly and the participants with dementia.


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