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In April 2017 the roof of Manchester Cathedral was well and truly raised with a sold-out performance of the premiere of So Many Beauties, a new piece of choral music by Holly Marland, co-created by people with dementia, celebrating the creativity of those affected by the range of conditions which cause dementia. This unique project brought together people with dementia, their families and carers, advocacy organisations, charities, healthcare professionals and researchers with professional and amateur musicians and artists to explore, celebrate and promote the important role of music in dementia care.

Phase 2 of the project seeks to further increase access to creative music making within dementia care settings by developing the skills of the voluntary / amateur music sector, student musicians and professional musicians, along with the creation of materials to empower those working in dementia care, families and carers to engage in creative music making with those they care for. Working in a variety of dementia care settings, creative residencies with project participants will culminate in dementia friendly music festival on Thursday 26 September at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

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If you would like to find out how to get involved or have ideas to share around this work, please contact hollymarlandmusic@gmail.com.