So Many Beauties are experts in;

The co-creation of high-quality large-scale pieces of music for public performance at dementia friendly events

Specialised programmes of training and Continuing Professional Development for student and professional musicians in residential and hospital settings.

The curation of dementia friendly public events delivered collaboratively across culture, health and social care partnerships

Over the last 12 months, we have delivered 62 music and creativity sessions in 8 different care settings for 170 participants. Our programme offered training and support to 15 student and volunteer musicians and artistic exchange with 6 guest artists.

We’ve presented our approach at conferences and workshop seminars at Manchester and Salford Universities. We’ve run music and creativity sessions for carers, increasing their awareness of non verbal types of communication and the impact of music and play on their own health and wellbeing.

Most recently, we organised the UK’s first free dementia friendly music festival at the Bridegwater Hall.

“A thoroughly enjoyable fantastic” (audience feedback)

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The festival was delivered in collaboration with partner organisations Music in Hospitals and Care, Manchester Camerata, LIME, Royal Northern College of Music, Bridgewater Hall and many others. We worked together to showcase the many different approaches to music making in dementia care from concerts through to music therapy.

The festival brought together people with dementia, their families and carers, advocacy organisations, charities, healthcare professionals and researchers with professional and amateur musicians and artists to explore, celebrate and promote the important role of music in dementia care.

There needs to be a greater understanding of all the different types of music offered within dementia care and what each of them can afford to communities and individuals. We have started the conversation!

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In April 2017 the roof of Manchester Cathedral was well and truly raised with a sold-out world premiere performance of  So Many Beauties, a new piece of choral music that we co-created with people with dementia, celebrating the creativity of those affected by the range of conditions which cause dementia. We hope that choral societies and community choirs will continue to sing this beautifully crafted work in years to come and have already started to add newly co-created sections for different groups!  

If you would like to find out how to get involved or have ideas to share around this work, please contact hollymarlandmusic@gmail.com.